February 4, 2016
Math - do lesson 5.11
Spelling - study all words on line
Grammar - do page 52
Library Books!
Tomorrow is Silly Hat Day! (Regular uniforms, though!)

February 3, 2016
Math- do lesson 5.10
Spelling - write 6 sentences in copybook
Grammar - do page 51

Friday is a "Silly Hat" day. The children can wear a silly hat on Friday, or a silly head band.

February 2, 2016

Homework- none!
We completed homework here in the classroom. We will write our spelling words tomorrow morning.

The children had a great time playing our school wide Religion Trivia game. Home and School treated us to a soft pretzel and all the students received a Certificate of Character! It was a ton of fun.

Tomorrow the children are to wear their favorite sports jersey and/or color shirt for their favorite team along with jeans or sweatpants. A donation of a canned good is requested: tuna, beans, soup, etc.

Hot Dog Day tomorrow!

February 1, 2016
HomeworkMath - do lesson 5.8Spelling - check out new words on lineGrammar -do page 49, pronounsReligion - study pages 25, 26 and 27, test on Chapter 10 on Wednesday
Wednesday the children are to wear a jersey or sports shirt/color of their favorite team and jeans and sneaks.
Happy Catholic Schools Week!

January 28, 2016
HomeworkPlease sign the various tests in their purple folder and return tomorrow, thanks!
Face to Face lunches for oldest and only are due tomorrow as well.
Library books should be sent in!

January 27, 2015
HomeworkMath worksheet to complete
Tomorrow is Art, please be sure your child has their sketchbook!
Face to Face lunch bags came home today in the Communication Folder. They are due Friday, thank you!

January 26, 2016HomeworkMath Worksheet - one side, numbers 1 through 4
Religion - two sheets came home in their purple folder. One is an Examination of Conscience and the other terms we are learning about for Reconciliation. Please keep these handy and review these with your child. We have been practicing how to receive the Sacrament here in the classroom. Reconciliation is Thursday, February 11, 2016.

There will not be a new Reading/Spelling lesson introduced until next week. We will be reviewing and focusing on previous skills.
In Math we will begin practice drills of our addition and subtraction facts within 20. These facts need to be recalled automatically! Please practice with your child on Think Central as well!
Tomorrow is Chicken Nugget Day.

Please be safe on these icy roads.

January 21, 2016HomeworkMath - do lesson 5.7Spelling - study all words on lineGrammar - do pages 47 and 48Religion - study pages 22, 23 and 24Library Books!

January 20, 2016HomeworkMath - do lesson 5.6Grammar - page 46Spelling - write 6 sentences neatly in copybookReligion - study Resource booklet pages 22, 23 and 24Please sign the various tests in their purple folder

January 19, 2016HomeworkMath - do lesson 5.5Grammar - do page 45, plural possessive nounsSpelling - write words two times neatly in copybookReligion - study pages 22, 23 and 24 in Resource booklet, Chapter 9 test on FridayTomorrow is Pizza Day!

January 14, 2016HomeworkMath - do lesson 5.4 (we completed 5.3 here in the classroom)Spelling - study all words on lineGrammar - do page 44, singular possessive nounsLibrary books!Half day tomorrow! Will need a morning snack!Monday - 9:00 Parish Hall for MLK Day!

January 13, 2016
HomeworkMath - do lesson 5.2Grammar - do page 43Spelling - write 6 sentences
We will be attending the 8:00 Mass, please join us if you are able!

January 12, 2016
HomeworkMath - do Lesson 5.1 Study for our test tomorrowSpelling - write words two times neatly in copybookGrammar - do page 42, singular possessive nounsReligion - study for our test tomorrowHot Dog Day!TOMORROW IS A DRESS DOWN DAY! IT WILL COST $1.00 AND PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED FOR MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. DAY.PLEASE WRITE IN YOUR CHILD'S HOMEWORK BOOK THEIR T-SHIRT SIZE! IT IS NEEDED FOR CATHOLIC SCHOOL'S WEEK> THANK YOU.

January 11, 2016HomeworkMath - study for our Chapter 4 test on Wednesday. Their book along with Chapter 4 Preview/Pretest came home today. Please keep them at home to reviewGrammar - page 41, singular possessive nounsSpelling - check out all new words on lineReligion - study pages 19, 20 and 21 in our Resource booklet, test on Wednesday in Chapter 8Get tests signed - please sign the various tests in their purple folder

January 7, 2016HomeworkMath - do lesson 4.12, pages 307-308Spelling - study all words on lineGrammar - do page 40Library Books can be sent in!Donate NEW adult socks for MLK Day.
Please have your child spend some time on the Think Central Math website working on their addition and subtraction facts from 1 to 20. We need to be more automatic with our facts. Clink on the link to the left and simply put your child's first initial and last name (no spaces or capitals) for both the username and password. Login and go to 2 Math.

January 6, 2016HomeworkMath - do lesson 4.11 (it will say 4.10 tho) pages 301-302Spelling - write 6 sentences neatly in copybookGrammar - do page 39
Second Grade is being asked to donate NEW adult socks for the Martin Luther King, Jr. Day On community service project. The socks can be brought in starting tomorrow! Thank you in advance for your generosity.
We are in need of tissues and disinfectant wipes!

January 5, 2016HomeworkMath - do lesson 4.10 pages 295-296Spelling - write words two times neatly in copybookGrammar - do page 38; abbreviationsPizza Day tomorrow!
We began cursive today!!! Please allow me to guide your child in the specifics of letter formation. Many are saying, "oh my mom is teaching me." There is a method to my madness, if you will. Thank you!
It is finally cold out! We do go outside for morning and afternoon recess. Please be sure your child has the proper outerwear so they are warm and cozy.
Please look for the Communication Folder tomorrow as there will be the directives for our Martin Luther King, Jr, Day On, Not a Day Off community service project!

January 4, 2016
HomeworkMath - lesson 4.9 pages 289-290 Grammar - do page 37 only- abbreviationsSpelling - check out all new words on line

December 22, 2015
I wish you and your family a blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year! Thank you for the many gifts and generous faculty gift, they are all appreciated!See you tonight for a final show! Don't forget to bring your elf hat!
We are in need of tissues and wipes upon your return to school, thanks!

Think Central - Think Central is now on the left side of my wiki page as a link. Just click on the words and it will bring you to the sign in page. Simply put your child's first and last name (no capitals, no spaces) as the user name as well as the password. Go to Grade Two and click on the Interactive Student Edition. This will allow your child to practice various math skills! Please let me know if you experience trouble.